Game Update: Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection

Current Completion – 29%

Game Review – Read mine right here.

I have played the Street Fighter games ever since Street Fighter II came out in the arcades. I still remember playing the original Street Fighter II in a bowling alley while waiting for a lane to open up. I fell in love with the series, and I have kept up with its progress, more or less, ever since.

Here’s M. Bison being a big meanie, as usual.

I stopped playing it for the most part when I switched over to using a Mac laptop. I still played it quite a bit on my Super Nintendo, but I didn’t get back into the more modern iterations until just a few years ago. And although I’ve mostly been focusing on Street Fighter V (the most recent version), I received a fight stick – a special game controller designed mainly for fighting games – for Christmas, so I decided to revisit the classics.

Wow, the nostalgia! With the new joystick controller and the 30th anniversary collection, it really brings back the memories of playing these games in the arcades. Except for the convenience of not having to pump a bunch of quarters into the machine, of course.

Some of these games are rather difficult, though. They are designed to emulate the Street Fighter games as they appeared in the arcades – and the arcade games were deliberately designed to eat quarters. The first Street Fighter also has controls so wonky that the game is nearly unplayable. The original arcade had a different set up in that it only registered the button press when the button is released, rather than when it is pressed. A big part of that is because the original had one variation in which the strength of the attack was determined by pressure-sensitive pads, rather than the six-button layout that has become the standard nowadays.

Believe it or not, this was considered cutting edge graphics at one time.

I also am not sure how the online scene is with this collection. Although it is still fairly robust with Street Fighter V, it is nearly nonexistent with Street Fighter IV. It will be a struggle to get some of those multiplayer achievements in that game, if at all…. Still, it’s nice that most of the achievements can be gained offline, so even though I will probably never complete these games at 100%, I should at least gain enough achievements to get more than my current overall average (which is now at 54%).

But offline or online, win or lose, at least it’s fun! Until next time, keep on gaming!

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