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There are many games that tend to have an ageless quality, and can still remain fun and entertaining even years later. Originally released in 2016, Stardew Valley still receives additional content and still remains relevant even in 2021. The game has expanded quite a bit since my initial review from 2017, including new farm layouts and even a new island to explore.

While some of the achievements are fairly easy to snag, a good portion of them require considerable time and effort. There is even one that is extremely difficult to obtain, if not impossible (it’s a hidden achievement, so I won’t spoil it here). I have played the game off and on for several years – and through two prior laptops – but only have I recently been focused on trying to obtain the achievements. Most of the achievements can be easily obtained, but they will take time and effort to do so. For example, the achievement “Polyculture” requires you to ship 15 of each crop that you can grow. Since some of these aren’t even available until year 2, it certainly doesn’t count as a “quickie” achievement.

But at least the game is fun. Whether it’s visiting with people from Pelican Town and deciding who to marry, seeing how far you can get in the various dungeons, or just spending the day fishing, there are a lot of things you can do when farming feels like it’s a chore. Even though it’s just a game, I still get a kick out of my in-game wife Penny greeting me every morning before I start on my work. It’s a nice touch that makes the game feel more realistic.

Other fans of the game are looking forward to the next game that ConcernedApe is developing – Haunted Chocolatier. It looks a lot like Stardew – and from what fans can tell, it seems to be set in the same world – but instead of a farm you seem to inherit a chocolate factory. There isn’t any idea of what the release date might be, but with the amount of content to be found in Stardew Valley, at least we’ll have lots to do while we wait.

Until next time, keep on gaming!

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