Change of Plans

I know I haven’t updated my blog for a while, but to be honest, it’s because I really haven’t felt like writing.

Several weeks ago, I got nailed by the Covid virus that’s been going around. The main thing that it did to me was just make me really tired – I slept a lot. I frequently felt worn down and sluggish. The rest of my family had it as well, and that seemed to be the most common symptom – feeling tired and sluggish thoughts.

So during that time, I decided to focus primarily on turn-based games, rather than more action-oriented ones, such as Street Fighter or Guild Wars 2. I also started paying attention to my Steam game completion percentage. It was around 45% at that time, so I figured, just for fun, to see what I could do to bump that up. At this time, it’s at 50% and climbing.

But I have recently noticed something else odd, which seems to have started around the time I got Covid. I have little to no creativity any more. None. I don’t have any compulsions or desires to work on my stories, or develop any new ones. It’s like my creative muse was killed along with the virus in my body.

The really strange thing is that I don’t miss it. Sure, it feels weird not to have this burden, this constant feeling of having to create and the despair for not having the time to do so. But it also feels like a great relief, too. Without this compulsion, I am actually enjoying things.

I may still publish one or two of my books, just to get them off my computer and out into the public. But I don’t really expect them to succeed – in fact, I doubt anyone will buy a copy. But I don’t really care at this point. Along those lines, I also am going to end my Web comic, “The Misadventures of Muffin the Mad,” because no one seems to be reading it. (Aside from my immediate family, of course, but I don’t need to post online to show them the results).

I might still do my other Web comic, “Sad W – The Stories of a Depressed Gamer,” but I haven’t decided yet. I’ve enjoyed the comic and have more than 25 drawn at this point (not colored, inked and lettered yet, but it’s much quicker to do those than Muffin).

Since I’m not focused on writing any more, what should I do with this blog? I had thought about bringing my Web page down, but I’m paying for it anyway… why not start writing about what I’ve really been enjoying lately?

So I think I will write about my ongoing quest to improve my Steam game completion percentage. I will post weekly about whatever games I have been playing recently, my overall thoughts about it, and how it’s going. When relevant, I also will include links to my game reviews – the greater majority of which can be found at Christ Centered Gamer.

My writing blog is turning into my gaming blog. Maybe I should look into starting up a Twitch stream, just for further kicks. Who wants to watch an old, balding guy struggle with video games?

If you’d like to follow my progress on Steam, you can find my profile here. However, keep in mind that I’ll respond to friend requests the same way I do on my Facebook account – unless I know you in some way, shape or form, don’t expect me to accept right away.

Talk to you later, and keep on gaming!

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