Where Should I Go Now?

I’ve been working on a story that was specifically designed to be published on-line as a serial. I feel pretty good about it and think it’s about time to start uploading it to the Web. But where should I go?

By way of explanation, the serialized Web novel that I have prepared is the story of a young woman “shock rocker” who has made a career out of hating God and religion. Everything changes after she dies and has a vision of a horrific afterlife. She is given a second chance to atone for her past sins in order to avoid this eternal fate… but she also is given special abilities to help her in her quest. Now with the power to see demons, she strives to change her ways and steer others away from a dark afterlife. Inspired by the story of Paul from the New Testament, I kind of view this novel as a mashup of “Touched By an Angel” and “The Dresden Files.” But where would be a good place to display it?

I’m thinking that Tapas is a natural fit – in fact, the main reason why I chose that first was because I could show both my Web comics and my novel on the same site. My Web comic, “The Misadventures of Muffin the Mad” has had some viewers there (although I’d love more subscribers), so I may as well have this serial there, too.

I also am thinking about publishing it on Royal Road. That site seems to have a nice variety of genres, and some of the stories there are actually… well, legible comes to mind. (I’ve taken a look at some other writing sites, and when I see what passes for the “top rated” stories… well, they serve as an excellent example of why self-publishing has a horrible reputation.)

But I’m open to other options about where to write. What other Web sites are out there that might be viable in terms of a decent readership base? If anyone has any personal experiences, I’d love to hear them! I’ve received some excellent feedback and ideas from some talented writers like Lyv Aiken and Madame Writer, but more ideas and personal accounts would always be appreciated.

Feel free to leave your thoughts here or on my Facebook page. And until next time, keep on writing!

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