It’s All In The Timing

As my regular readers know, I have started a Web comic called “The Misadventures of Muffin the Mad.” It’s a comic based on the on-line game Guild Wars 2, and is a humorous look at the game and some of the tropes – and occasional flaws – in gaming in general. Even though I started posting the strip in February, it hadn’t received much attention – according to the tools that Tapas provides, the comic had around 48 views total from its start to last Friday (the comic posts on Friday mornings). I’m sure a few of those were from my kids. Thanks, guys!

But something interesting happened. An item showed up in the in-game marketplace that was so ludicrous that I had to make a comic of it. So I did this quickly and posted it on Saturday morning. The main reason I did this was because some items don’t stay in the store for very long, so I wanted to get the comic up before it left.

After the post, I also posted about it on Facebook, to my personal feed and my author page there. I don’t know if that made a difference or not, but there was something that happened which caught me by surprise.

By the end of Saturday, the comic had reached 58 views in that day alone. Yep, the views on my little Web comic had more than doubled in one day. I was stunned – was it simply because of me posting on Saturday? Did one day make the difference?

I also post the same comic on the Duck (another on-line collection of independent Web comics) and saw similar numbers. There was a drastic spike in views when I posted on Saturday there, too. And unlike Tapas, I hadn’t posted a link to that one in my Facebook feeds.

So I’m moving the publication date of “Muffin the Mad” to Saturdays, instead. I still don’t have any new subscribers, but maybe as the comic continues to get views, that will happen. It will be an interesting experiment, at least! I also have a second Web comic that I’m working on that I will announce at a later date. When it gets posted may depend on how this experiment pans out.

For those who would like them, here is a link to the comic on Tapas, and here it is on the Duck. I also will post it here to my blog as well. But it would mean a lot to me, if you like it, if you would subscribe to it at either of the other Web sites. The idea that other people enjoy my work helps to keep me motivated to keep writing and creating. Also, feel free to share it with your friends and family – especially if they play Guild Wars or any other on-line role-playing game!

Thank you, and keep on writing!

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