The Misadventures of Muffin the Mad - a Guild Wars 2 fan comic

Uncle Noodles

This was actually the second comic that I drew when I came up with the idea. However, since it features a joke that will pop up periodically throughout the series, I thought it should be the first one.

It originally looked a bit cruder, with the coloring and lettering done by hand. But after I discovered Clip Studio Pro and have been using that for other strips (yet to be released), I decided to revise this one.

I would like to use in-game screenshots for the backgrounds of the panels, but I am a bit unsure abut copyright issues with ArenaNet. I don’t think it would be a problem – especially since I’m not going to make any money from these strips – but I’ve asked them for permission anyway, just to be on the safe side.

Incidentally, in the game Guild Wars 2, I play Muffin the Mad. My oldest daughter plays Uncle Noodles. Nearly all the characters in the strip are played by myself or my family members!

In any case, if you like it, or have suggestions, please feel free to respond!

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