Where Did That Come From? (A Writing Prompt)

Every now and then I read a post from an aspiring writer who wants to write, but has no idea what to write. They fire up their computer or open up a blank notebook and get ready to write … something. The ideas just aren’t coming. That page remains as blank as their minds.

Sometimes, when facing writer’s block or a blank page, a writer just needs a nudge to get going. There are a variety of writing exercises that can be found online, but I’d like to offer another one!

First of all, close your eyes and visualize a location. Sometimes the more outlandish, the better. Here are a few examples:

  • Outer space
  • On top of a mountain of gold and jewels, deep in a dragon’s lair.
  • In a box at the bottom of a large chest freezer
  • Hiding in your shower
  • In the trunk of a rusted-out, wrecked car.
  • Hidden in a secret compartment in your attic
  • On the beach of a deserted island

Now, turn your head slightly and open your eyes. The first object (or person) you see is your topic. Imagine that object in the location you just pictured. How did it get there? Why is it there? Who put it there?

Now go ahead and write your thoughts! Don’t worry about whether or not the story makes any sense. This is just an exercise to get the creative juices going. Just have fun with it and see where it takes you!

Keep on writing!

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