Where Will 2021 Take You?

Happy New Year, loyal readers! I hope everyone had a great Christmas and a fun – and safe New Year! Now that the celebrations have wound down, it’s time to look forward and ask yourself… now what?

If you don’t mind a recommendation, I suggest you take some time to write about how your Christmas and New Year’s went. Did you see any family members or friends you hadn’t seen in a while? Was it a bit somber because you lost someone last year, and they weren’t able to join you in the festivities? Did you have the time of your life and never want these memories to fade?

The reason I ask is because this is a great time to think about next Christmas. No, not in terms of shopping, but in terms of writing. There are quite a few “Christmas classics” out there – basically, stories, songs and shows that people watch on an annual basis. And they could be so beloved that they purchase copies of this material to share with their friends and families.

So this could be a challenge to take up – write a Christmas classic! Something fun and heartwarming that your readers will delight in every year and want to share with their friends. Then their friends will share it with their friends, and their children,, and so on, for generations to come.

The drawback to creating a Christmas classic is that it will only generate sales around the end of the year (you won’t see many sales until after Halloween, at least). The biggest advantage, of course, is that if it becomes a holiday favorite, you can guarantee big sales annually, since a lot of people will want it!

So there’s your challenge – try to come up with a story (or a script or a song if those are your preferred mediums) that you think will be a Christmas classic. You have about a year to write and edit it – plenty of time! Try to get it done before October, and consider marketing efforts beforehand (maybe “sneak peeks” in August) to drum up interest for the big release in late November. If you’re lucky and skilled, you might have a sure-fire hit on your hands.

Good luck, and keep on writing!

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