What have I been up to?

I created this blog for two purposes – the first, of course, is to provide tips to my fellow writers. But I also wanted to use this space to reveal what I’ve been working on!

So here is a brief summary of the various projects that I have been tinkering with.

The Misadventures of Muffin the Mad

The second comic I drew. With the things I’ve learned, I think I’ll revisit it.

I’ve had a bunch of ideas for a Web comic featuring some of the characters that my family play in the online role-playing game Guild Wars 2. Muffin “the Mad” is an asura, which are small, goblin-like creatures known for their intelligence and creativity. So the comic is a humorous look at her various ventures through the world of Kryta.

This was actually my project for National Novel Writing Month. I had planned on having 26 comics finished – basically, one for each week when I start posting them. I did fall short of that goal (I have about 10 done, but I want to revisit my earlier attempts with the knowledge and tools that I’ve obtained), but I have learned a lot! Now that I know what I’m doing, the process will go much smoother.

Not only do I enjoy this, I’m hoping that it will serve as a vehicle of sorts to get people interested in my work. It could lead to more traffic to this Web site and, once they are published, book sales. It will be a fun experiment, at least!

Reborn: A Novel

The one thing that has been slowing me down with this project is a lack of cover art. This is the first book that I wrote during National Novel Writing Month, and one of my most polished pieces.

Reborn is the story of a young woman who returns to the world as a ghost. She has no memory of where she came from or why she is back on Earth, but she does know one thing – she needs to figure out how to get back to Heaven before it’s too late. Along the way she finds other ghosts trapped in the world who experience the same thing. Something is holding them back from moving on… but what?

After editing, the book came to around 45,000 words, which is much too short for most publishers to even consider. Hence the reason I’m thinking of self-publishing this book. If all goes well, I’ll be able to figure out some good cover art and get it published sometime next year.

The Tales of Jack Fisherson: Jack Fisherson and the Prince of the Ocean

The first of a possible trilogy, this novel focuses on a young man named Jack who gets caught up in a variety of adventures. I’ve edited this book several times, have received lots of feedback, and feel pretty good about it. Unfortunately, the publishers I’ve submitted the novel to seem to think differently.

This book actually was inspired by Andrew Lang’s compilation of fairy tales, such as the Blue Fairy Book. I was thinking that these stories were great, but they could be expanded into a full fledged novel with more effort. Each chapter is intended to be a complete story, but all contributes to a larger narrative as well. It doesn’t use the same characters that you would find in fairy tales, though – no appearances by the Big Bad Wolf or Snow White in this book! the Tales of Jack Fisherson is inspired by fairy tales without copying the stories or characters themselves.

So I may look into self-publishing this novel as well. I want to edit it for an eighth time before doing so, though. I think it has a weak opening, and I’m considering cutting the first two chapters entirely and working the important parts of those into other parts of the story. But I’ll tackle that later. I’m waiting to get some more feedback on it anyway, so why not work on other projects in the meantime.

Fallen Angels

Yet another work that I completed during a National Novel Writing Month, but this one I wrote specifically with the mindset of publishing it a chapter at a time on the Web. Fallen Angels focuses on a “shock rock” singer who has made a career out of hating God. Things change when she dies in a car accident. After a revelation, she’s given a second chance at life – but this time, her mission is to try and fix people’s lives and bring people closer to God. Along the way, she learns that there are much more sinister forces at work in the world who will do whatever they can to stop her.

Although I usually try to have “clean” works, this is my first attempt at outright Christian fiction. It was inspired by the story of Saul / Paul in the New Testament of the Bible – a former Roman soldier who became one of Jesus’ most loyal disciples after divine revelation. I kind of envision this book to be a mashup of “Touched By An Angel” and “The Dresden Files.”

I’ll provide more details on each project as I get closer to the time when each work is released to the public. May your own endeavors will work out, too!

I hope everyone reading this has a Merry Christmas! And until next time, keep on writing!

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