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So I’m a bit torn right now about the direction I want to go. I do enjoy editing other people’s works and giving them advice on how to proceed. However, this also takes up quite a bit of time, too.

I know that there are many people out there who need editors. (I know this because I’ve read their works. There are some authors who even have gone through a publishing company where it doesn’t look like an editor has given them a scrap of advice.) However, I also can relate to the perspective of the “starving artist” writer. It would be nice to hire an editor… but where would you get the money?

Editing is an expensive, time-consuming process. According to, prices start at $100 for a mere 2,000 word piece. The Editorial Freelance Association shows that prices range from $30 to $60, depending on the experience of the editor and the amount of detail you want. While it would be nice to make that sort of money, I also understand that not a lot of writers can afford that, too. I’ve been there – heck, I am there. It’s why I’ve decided to start writing again – maybe I can actually do something with my talent.

It’s one reason why I’ve been offering “trades” to my fellow writers. I will look over their works and give advice if they are willing to do the same with me. There are a few beta reader groups on Facebook (and probably other places) where these kinds of trades are common. I’m not sure about other people’s experiences, but I’ve been happy with the outcome so far.

So let’s try this – as a writer, how much would you be willing to spend for an editor? Those who are looking to self-publish should consider this, after all. How much is it worth, to you, to have someone else look over your works and give you advice as to how to proceed? If you have enjoyed my blog so far and would be interested, feel free to contact me! There’s a link at the top of my page that will take you to a Web form that you can use. Or you can send me a message on my Facebook page, too.

But let me know what you’re wanting, and I can let you know if I want a sample of your work. I’ll take a look at the first two or three pages, and give you some honest feedback about what I think of your style – and probably a healthy dose of grammar tips, too. After that, if you want to continue, we can discuss price and payment options.

If this doesn’t work, I’ll just bag the idea of being a freelance editor. Although I do like helping people, I don’t like being a pest, too. I hate advertisements, so I don’t want to resort to that just to make money. I’d rather let my works speak for themselves.

Until later, keep on writing!

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