Why I Write

I have always wanted to write – especially books and novels. A big reason for that is because I love books and stories. Even from a young age, I loved getting lost in the creations of other people, and quickly got to the point where I created my own worlds and characters.

But over the years, it’s become more than that. I’ve had a strong desire to help to improve the world, as well. Maybe it’s because I’ve gotten older and I’m more aware of what’s happening, but it seems to me that things are getting darker. I see a growing emphasis on celebrating evil, and good keeps getting ostracized. In fact, it seems like those that do serve as good role models have been vilified as of late.

So another reason why I’ve decided to write is to help offset the “gathering darkness,” as it were. I have determined to provide good examples for others to read about, and possibly use as inspiration for their own lives as they seek to improve themselves.

I came across a couple of examples just recently. While looking for things to read on Kindle Unlimited, I decided to try out one book in the LitRPG genre (which is a topic I will explore later). Although it started out well enough, I stopped reading it by chapter two. The author wrote well and had set up an interesting world and characters, but had tossed in so many vulgarities and blatant innuendos that I saw little reason to continue. The book had spiraled downhill so quickly, I didn’t really care to see where it would crash.

Likewise, right now I am reading another book from a different author. This book hasn’t been released yet – the author wanted to get feedback from other readers, and possibly some advance reviews. On the positive side, the book isn’t crass or vulgar. Unfortunately, the author’s writing style is so poor, that’s about the only positive side this book has.

I’m not trying to sound arrogant, but I want to avoid both extremes. I want to create works that are high quality – both entertaining and enlightening. But I want my books to be reachable for all audiences as well – something that both adults and young adults can enjoy, without having to resort to vulgar language, explicit sexuality or excessive gore in order to sell books.

I am hoping that you, as one of my readers, will accompany me on this journey! Let’s see if we can improve the world together!

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